10 Simple Guidelines to Become a Graphic Designer

 1.What type(interest) of students can choose your designation as their career? 

Anyone who wants has creativity (normally all will start in this)🤣 Who wants to tell something to the world through powerful words visually. Who normally want to explore software technologies. Finally, those who believe in themself and have the courage to learn new things daily.

2. What would be the major role of your designation? 

Graphic designers role is to make a visually appealing concepts to communicate your idea that connect, inform and captivate customers

3. What would the company expect in the interviews? 

1. Your portfolio, more than seeing your detailed 2/1 page resume with a lot of information that they don’t see.

2. Communication, you should have a skill in building stories with your designs.

3. Your interest to learn and your leadership quality.

4. How can a fresher prepare for your role? 

As a fresher, you can start exploring the graphic design tools (Photoshop, illustrator) Doing it is the only way. Build your portfolio strong. Get more knowledge working with a variety of peoples. Start freelancing at a minimum cost. Regularly update yourself on current design trends.

5. What are all the basic skills needed? 

Creativity, minimal thinking, Photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw or In-design

6. What mistakes should not be done? 

Try not to use shortcuts. Try not to recreate the same design what you see, create your own way. Don’t bound yourself in a box. Don’t ever put the software in your portfolio or resume that you just know the name of the software.

7. Is certification necessary and if so what kind of certifications can be done and from which provider will be best? 

No certifications needed. you’re portfolio speaks even if you haven’t done any certifications. if you really need to then you can take some DTP certifications and adobe certifications.

8. What are all the tools are needed or can be used to tool to learn? 

First you need to learn the basic tools and environment of a software that’s the most difficult part. Then you get used to it. You can do basic online course for that software. If you know the software’s and its tools you’ll understand the terminologies used by most of the you tubers. Then you can continue with you tube and google.

9. What would make you the best / unique in the crowd while appearing for interviews? 

If you really want to be unique in the whole lot of graphic designers around the globe you have to learn and be familiar with extra software’s like if you are confident in Photoshop then you can learn the next software to support you like static to dynamic for that you can learn premier pro so that you can do some impressive dynamic posters. just know the basics and working of the software, you need not be an expert in all the software. In the end, your creativity speaks and will make you unique among the crowd.

Any Additional Experience / Guidance You Would Like to Share you can share them here.

Learn as many software you want to. Get a basic idea of all the available software. Explore all the inspiration websites like Behance, Pinterest, Dribble. Update yourself with the current trend. Regularly watch some new tutorials. Create awareness among people, teach someone what you know. Think software as a playground and play in it as much you can, until you’re an expert in the game. You don’t need a perfect machine with a very high configuration to work on your creativity. Start with what you have to earn it and update yourself and your machine. Be proud to be a graphic designer, where graphic designers never stop learning and never stops exploring new things. Graphic design is never-ending work, as we say “Human creativity has no end”. Create your own path of design and be a trendsetter. HAPPY CREATING & GET DESIGNIFIED.

Answered By Sangeeth Kumar, Sangeeth Media Factory

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