10 Simple Guidelines to Become A Product Marketer

1. What type(interest) of students can choose your designation as their career? 

Product marketers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering/marketing/business administration. Some employers prefer candidates with experience in marketing or related fields like advertising, branding or sales.

2. What would be the major role of your designation? 

Running marketing campaigns to generate leads, translating valuable product features and benefits into customer-facing messaging, competitor analysis and market research

3. What would the company expect in the interviews? 

Companies will judge the candidates based on how well they are able to articulate their thoughts in writing and speaking. This is an essential trait to become a product marketer.

4. How can a fresher prepare for your role?

 Work on your writing skills. You should be able to communicate something that’s complex in a simple way. Do some online courses on SEO and content writing.

5. What are all the basic skills needed? 

Writing, demand generation, social media, digital marketing, storytelling, presentation, and project management

6. What mistakes should not be done? 

As a product marketer, your role demands you to work inter-departmentally across the company, between departments to ensure strategic consistency in messaging and execution of campaigns. Be willing to work with diverse people.

7. Is certification necessary and if so what kind of certifications can be done and from which provider will be best? 

No certifications are required for freshers. If you are willing, you can do some free online courses on writing and digital marketing, this should be a good entrant to become a product marketer. Once you become a PM, you can take up online certification courses from Pragmatic Institute to upgrade your skillset.

8. What are all the tools are needed or can be used to tool to learn? 

There are a million tools for product marketers. These are the tools that I use on a daily basis – Hippo Video (to send video email campaigns), Drift (Live chat support), Hotjar (track page analytics), MailChimp (email marketing), Hubspot (CRM & drip campaign), Keyword surfer (research), SpyFu (competitor analysis), Zoho One, Grammarly (Proofreading) and so much more.

9. What would make you the best / unique in the crowd while appearing for interviews? 

I have an excellent writing and storytelling skill. These two are the essential and basic trait for a product marketer to have. You have excel in these core areas to succeed as a marketer.

10. What is the minimum salary range that a fresher would get?

 It varies from company to company.

Any Additional Experience / Guidance You Would Like to Share you can share them hear

Getting your first job in product marketing is tough. The niche is highly competitive. Before applying for the role, try to understand if you have all these traits and shadow a product marketer for a few hours to see if it’s for you. Good luck!

Answered By Sanjana Murali -Product Marketing at Hippo Video

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