10 Simple Guidelines to become Presales / Solution Engineer

Solution Engineer

1. What type(interest) of students can choose your designation as their career? 

This is a very good career option if you like problem-solving. Typically the person who wishes to get into these types of career options needs to work on two things

1) Communication skills – When I say communication skills, it is about listening to your customers and then articulating your solution to the customer. Always talk about your solution in the simplest way

2) Solution Skills Typical solution skills should entail understanding technology and business aspects. So whatever solution you build should directly impact/fix the challenges faced by the customer. So when I say technology, I don’t mean architect level, but someone who understands what the architect is talking about and relates to it. At the business aspects level you should be able to relate to the clients business and the problem the client is facing

2. What would be the major role of your designation? 

A major role is – Understand the problem/challenge/aspirations – Build the solution working with technology & business architects – Present the solution to the customer in terms why it will help them This will entail various forms of solution responses – Response to Proposals / Quotations / Information in a word document, PowerPoint – Demo of the solution/product – Present the solution to the client

3. What would the company expect in the interviews? 

The company would expect the candidate to have the following aspects – Ability to understand a problem statement, break down the problem statement to the core – Understanding of the technology or the domain in which the company’s clients operate. For instance, if you are being interviewed by a CRM service provider, then they would be interested to know about your knowledge on any CRM platform – Dynamics, SF, etc. also a fair bit of understanding on the CRM and Sales Automation domain

4. How can a fresher prepare for your role? 

This typically would require a fair bit of experience. But I have seen schools and schools hiring them and grooming them for this role. Again from a preparation standpoint: – Pick up one technology or a platform. Understand the fundamentals of it – Learn some of the aspects of problem-solving like First Principle Method, Design Thinking, Gamification. It will be good to know this – Most importantly communication. Written and oral communication, nothing too fancy or flowery, but simple and crisp – Above all attitude to learning. Display this, you will really do well in this type of role

6. What mistakes should not be done? 

This is more a soft skill than any other skill.. The ability to listen when someone is talking to you. Capability to take feedback

7. Is certification necessary and if so what kind of certifications can be done and from which provider will be best? 

There are no industry standard certifications available. But I would suggest the following as they really will help you – Product Management – DevOps /Agile – Any problem solving (design thinking type) certification from Udemy / Edx will do Now if you are getting any product/platform the basic certification on that platform will be useful. For instance, you are doing presales for Sales Force or AWS or Azure based ones. Certifications in these platforms will be great to have

8. What are all the tools are needed or can be used to tool to learn? 

I would say usage of the MS Office tools like Excel, Word, Visio, and Powerpoint. As most of the work will be on these tools

9. What would make you the best / unique in the crowd while appearing for interviews? 

Show that you have an attitude to learn. You are proactive by talking about any certifications you have done in anticipation of getting int these kinda roles

10. What is the minimum salary range that a fresher would get? 

Salaries will be on par with Software Engg folks to start with. But it will accelerate faster as you get into hardcore presales, as a lot of your incentive may be driven by the solutions are able to sell to the customer

Answered by Kishore V – Head PreSales ,KritiLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

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