Employability Skill vs Eligibility Skills

Temporary Happiness is like a ‘hack’ We trick our brains into believing stuff and activities that make us happy. It is a form of instant gratification which makes us ‘feel good’ when we are liked, appreciated, admired, revered, respected, loved, adored and accepted by people around us.

Student don’t realize that when they are appreciated, admired, revered, respected and accepted by people around them (classmates, friends, and faculties) because of grades exams and excellent performance in their placement training sessions and placement tests, this is a form of instant gratification that stops them from learning more to become employable.

What’s an eligibility skill?

These are the skills that make them eligible to appear in a job interview or in campus placement. These skills don’t really make them skilled to be employed by a company. A grade from exams is one part of the eligibility skill and also scores in placement test that the majority of colleges that conduct to rank or categorize students.

What’s an employability skill?

These are the skills that make them employable in a company than making them just eligible to sit for the placement or the interview. The skills and knowledge that students acquire by applying their subject concepts while doing a project. Valuable certification offered by reputed companies.

Why Eligibility skills cannot guarantee or get you a job?

This skill found their major place in campus placement or interview in order to reduce and to filter the number of students and candidates appearing for the placement and interview respectively. And these skills used are not used by major companies

These are some eligibility skills

  1. A degree holder
  2. No of history of Arrears
  3. No Standing Arrears
  4. Minimum eligible grades
  5. Departments
  6. Years of experience

These are some employability Skills

  1. Certifications
  2. Internships
  3. Open Source Contribution
  4. Real-Time projects
  5. Domain knowledge in a particular field or sector
  6. Team player
  7. Responsibilities


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