Why do people face difficulty in getting a job in India ?

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Wrong field & Judgement

Most of the people study about a particular field & gets placed for some different field which they didn’t study about. And also at the workplace, employers judge these freshers’ work on the first day itself. Which eventually creates self-doubt about themselves.

Importance to academics than skills

At so many colleges, if the student had any backlogs, even if he/she cleared it, they’re not allowed to enter the campus selection.

Labeling a job

Everybody made up a particular image (Big Company, High salary & Comfort) about a job they need to have in their mind. All the jobs which don’t match up to these categories are labeled as unworthy or shameful. Which brings us to the next point.

Lack of Self Awareness

People focus on the only kind of job which is told by their parents & teachers, while there are 1000s of different kinds of jobs. Which either due to others’ point of view or their own beliefs, they label it as unworthy or shameful, even if they love it.

High expectations from both sides

Employers want experienced & perfect employees. And employees want a good experience, high paycheque & value. Which doesn’t match because there is no place for Training

More graduates fewer jobs

Millions of people graduate every year. It’s not like there are no jobs available, it’s just that millions of people applying for the 100 open positions for some govt. Job or some reputed company.

We live in India if we look there are 100’s of problems around us. We can solve any problems and make a career out of it. It’s just that nobody wants to do the job which involves hard work & uncertainty

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