10 Simple Guidelines to become an iOS developer

iOS Developers Akaash Dev

1. What type(interest) of students can choose your designation as their career? 

Students who have more interest in C/C++ can definitely consider iOS development as their career. As iOS development predominantly relies on Objective-C and Swift, they have the same concepts of pointers, memory management, etc… If you are folk who loves C/C++ more than Java, and you like Apple products (just a bonus), you can definitely choose iOS development as your career.

2. What would be the major role of your designation? 
As an iOS Developer, you will be responsible for developing the UI, implementing business logic, designing and maintaining the local database, writing unit tests(depends on the team), to releasing the app in the AppStore. The roles generally differ depending upon the team and the scalability of the app.
3. What would the company expect in the interviews? 
Entry level:
Good knowledge of C/C++. Concepts like pointers, memory leak, structs, union, enum etc… – Good knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures. – Already developed any basic apps either on iOS or Android – Knowledge on Swift is a great bonus.
Intermediate level:
Strong knowledge of Swift and Objective-C – Strong knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures. – Strong knowledge on code architectures such as VIPER, MVVM, MVP, MVC, etc.. – Strong knowledge on design patterns – Experience in developing UI without Storyboards – Knowledge on CoreData, SQLite or Realm DB – Knowledge on UIKit, CoreAnimations, etc..
Experience on using clean Code Architectures – Experience in TDD (Test Driven Development) – Experience in maintaining scaled apps – Coding with SOLID principles – Experience with concurrent concepts – Strong knowledge in DispatchQueue, GCD, RunLoops, etc.. – Memory Optimization techniques – Strong knowledge on XCode, XCode build process, Instruments etc..
4. How can a fresher prepare for your role? 
Learn Swift Programming Language from Apple Docs. Once you are confident with the language, start building basic single screen Applications using Apple official Documentations.
5. What are all the basic skills needed? 
Good programming skills – Good Design knowledge
6. What mistakes should not be done? 
Don’t start with very complex applications to build. Pick a very simple app like Contacts app, Calculator, Form app, etc.. and try to rebuild it. – Follow quality learning materials like Raywanderlich to learn. Apple Docs will be first preference though.
7. Is certification necessary and if so what kind of certifications can be done and from which provider will be best? 
Not really necessary.
8. What are all the tools are needed or can be used to tool to learn?
Mac is a must or try using Hackintosh. XCode. Learning materials: Apple Docs, Raywanderlich blogs, Let’s build that app (YouTube series by Brian Voong)
9. What would make you the best / unique in the crowd while appearing for interviews?
Release as many apps as you can in the AppStore or PlayStore
10. What is the minimum salary range that a fresher would get? 
It completely depends on the company. Approx 4.5 – 6 lpa.

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