10 simple Guidelines to become a Freelancer (Content Writing)

Vagisha Arora
1. What are all the basic things students should know or do before getting into freelancing as a content writer?
As a freelance content writer, one should be adept at researching well, writing efficiently, catering to requirements of clients properly and delivering the work well on deadlines. The ability to weave words in an engaging and simplistic manner is an art. Hence, one should focus on reading voraciously and writing regularly to improve one’s skills.
2. How students can show proof of works to claim or show their skills in content writing to get freelancing works?
One can build one’s portfolio on a google drive link or one can get a byline for the published works to build credibility in the competitive market. You can check my profile at vagishaarora.com for reference purposes.
3. Is the certification needed to become a professional content writer after graduating from college?
I don’t think so. I strongly believe that one can enhance one’s skills by actually working with clients on the versatile type of projects. The best way to improve is to experiment and explore various writing styles than doing certifications that equip oneself with theoretical knowledge. However, you can try out courses out some amazing writing courses on Udemy, Coursera and Hubspot.
4. How they can approach companies and which platform is good to get content works?
I believe in getting organic leads from LinkedIn, Facebook groups, etc than joining freelancing platforms that are exploitative in nature. One should focus on creating a strong online presence to get the right clients. Apart from that, guest blogging can also open doors to a plethora of writing opportunities for newbies in the industry.
5. What the companies would expect before handing over the work?
Companies expect writers to be committed to work and help their scale their businesses through the power of content. They want innovation and creativity to go hand in hand to accelerate their business by leaps and bounds.
6. How to win the trust of the company who provides or offers freelancing works?
Companies like to see how creative you can get with your projects. They love it when you step the extra mile to provide something of value to them. Hence, this is the best way to winning the trust of the company and building recurring clients.
7. What are all common mistakes that freelancers should avoid making?
Some of the common mistakes which freelancers should avoid are : – Taking a lot of projects at one time -Committing to doing something which is not feasible – Working for the sake of earning more money than taking fruitful projects – Focussing on making more money than enhancing one’s skills.
8. How should they charge their works?
It usually depends on the basis of the project, research involved, reiterations done, time taken and more. If you are a fresher, I believe the focus should be on building a strong portfolio than making money in the initial stages. The pricing varies from writer to writer based on experience, proficiency areas, skills and more.
9. How should they grade their own work(content)?
I think when a writer is comfortable writing on some topic, it reflects in their work and writing style. Getting valuable feedback from the clients matters the most when it comes to right evaluation. Also, one can seek advice of fellow writers to work on the grey areas and gradually learn with time.
10. What are all the qualities that they should inculcate so they get recurring clients?
Some of the characterstic traits of a freelance writer include committing to deadlines, researching well, submitting quality work without any grammatical mistakes, experimenting with ones writing style and giving appropriate suggestions to the clients.
Answered by Vagisha Arora
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