10 Simple Guidelines to become a UX / UI Designer

Pradeep Kumar - Product Designer at Zeta

1. What type(interest) of students can choose your designation as their career? 

The students interested in understanding businesses as well as technology can choose this as their career.

2. What would be the major role of your designation?   

Solving real-world problems using design thinking

3. What would the company expect in the interviews? 

Ask questions, open to learning new things, communicating your thoughts clearly, common sense

4. How can a fresher prepare for your role?

Always look out for problems and try to solve it, it can be a simple paper and pencil sketches or even your thinking will do suffice. Practice tool. Practice plays a huge role to be good at basics.

5. What are all the basic skills needed? 

Learn design tools (Adobe suite, Sketchapp, Figma, Principleapp, Adobe XD), Design thinking, Clear communication,

6. What mistakes should not be done?

 Have a clear idea of what you are doing, which part of the design you have to go deep in and which part you just can have an understanding! All UX Designers have to be good at the illustration for example. 

7. Is certification necessary and if so what kind of certifications can be done and from which provider will be best? 

 Not necessary, Instead invest time in building your portfolio. Solve some real problems.

 8. What are all the tools are needed or can be used to tool to learn?  Adobe suite, Sketchapp, Figma, Principleapp, Adobe XD 

9. What would make you the best / unique in the crowd while appearing for interviews? 

 Your portfolio, show how much you care for what you are creating. 

10. What is the minimum salary range that a fresher would get?

 4-7L depending upon the company. 

Answered by Pradeep Kumar – Product Designer at Zeta Bangalore

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